Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics is designed to highlight the cracking / mechanical behavior of materials / components / structures in situations involving both unsteady and time-dependent system of external forces / moments (for example, quasistatic, pulsed, impact, explosive, creep, contact and fatigue load). Since, in the above conditions, the mechanical behavior of cracked materials / components / structures is also influenced by environmental conditions, the journal will also consider those theoretical / experimental research papers that investigate the influence of external variables, such as, for example, the influence of corrosive media, as well as high / low temperature. The journal will also examine technical articles that evaluate the crack resistance of new materials used in modern and alternative applications, that is, not only strictly related to mechanical engineering. Further, the most advanced technological findings in surface engineering are seen to strongly influence the cracking / mechanical behavior of materials. Accordingly, technical articles will be reviewed for publication, investigating, from both theoretical and experimental points of view, the existing interactions between the above aspects and the cracking behavior of the material.

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